by Iain Hope

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Timeline for the College of Magic

and the Wildlands of Darylor
Based upon archive records from Lauria, Ostia and Shandrilos

Compiled by Master Arkadi Talcost BY1346

Blessed Year 

- Twelfth Grand Council of the Wildlands of Darylor held in Shandrilos

1344 - Arkadi Talcost becomes a Master Magi

1343 - The first Magic Users Guild School in an Olmec Province is set up in Lauria

1340 - Xameran Uth Altor becomes Sorceror Supreme

1337 - Guild schools for Magic Users are set up in Dunard, Arondar and Dunegan after the success of the first school in Ostia

1336 - Xameran Uth Altor becomes a Grandmaster of Sorcery

1333 - Elgon the Wise of Ostia dies and his son becomes High Lord Elgon II (the Golden)

1329 - The Eighth School of Magic, the School of Seers is created at the College of Magic.

1327 - A Magic Users Guild School is established in Ostia to find, educate and prepare children with talent to attend the College in Shandrilos

1326 - First Grand Council of the Wildlands of Darylor meets, pushed for by the new Archmage Baden Erin in response to the alliances formed to defeat the Goblin invasion.  They agree to meet every two years to discuss trade and greater unity for protection

1325 - Death of Melkor Erin, first Archmage of the College of Magic in Shandrilos.  Baden Erin elected as second Archmage of the College.  In the wake of the Goblin invasion, Katurem sues for peace and signs treaties to secure itself as an independent province provided it destroys its links with the Thieves guild.

1324 - Goblins invasion of the Province of Ostia.  The young fighter Mage, Elgon son of the High Lord earns the name 'The Golden' for his brash leadership, golden hair and armour.  Laird Madraig of Redvale earns a name for himself in the battles against the Goblins, as does Sir Arleas Di Mardul and Raban Ironhand.  The forces of all the provinces in the Wildlands are sent to aid Ostia.  This is the first time all provinces join forces

1323 - Elgon the Wise establishes his court as a centre for learning.  Scholars and artists are invited to attend and establish themselves.  Xameran Uth Altor becomes the youngest Master in the history of the College of Magic

1319 - Torunsport declares war on Katurem to curtail its growing power.  The war lasts for the next five years

1317- Arkadi Talcost born in Ostia

1314 - Xameran Uth Altor joins the College of Magic

1309 - Elgon, son of High Lord Elgon the Wise joins the College of Magic

1308 - Katurem beings to spread it influence and take control of isolated communities on the edges of the provinces of Karodracia and Torunsport.  It also starts to set up those who serve the thieves guild from the wilds and from the empire with land increasing its population

1300 - Act of Dissemination - In an effort to spread the toleration and use of magic in the Wildlands, The College sends masters to establish small 'guildhalls' in other cities and provinces.  These are established in the Nordic provinces of Arondar, Ostia, Dunard and Dunegan.

1299 - Thieves guild has successfully set up small groups in the provinces and cities of Ostia, Torunsport, Kalizern and Lauria.  In this year their actions bring about an organised response.  The thieves are hunted and Katurem is attacked and sacked, but quickly rebuilds.

1297 - Xameran Uth Altor born in Varitia

1295 - Alinus Quan Sirona leaves the College of Magic to go north in pursuit of a vision.  He takes most of the Sironacian Monks with him.  He founds the settlement of Sironac and begins construction of a Grand Abbey and monastery in the northern wilds.

1293 - Sironacian Order establishes small chapter houses in Kalizern, Lauria, Ostia and Hadek Provinces to spread their order and gain new adherents

1291 - Elgon, son of High Lord Elgon the Wise is born in Ostia

1290 - Third Act of Governance - Shandrilos establishes itself as a province with formal treaties with Ostia and Lauria agreeing its northern and southern boundaries.  The Shandrilosi Guard are established.  The new leadership of the College is included in the governance laws

1289 - Act of Formation - The separate sections of the school are formed as seven separate schools in their own right with an elected leader and the schools are united into the College of Magic with its first Archmage, Melkor Erin elected.

1280 - Katur the Pirate sets up the hidden port and fort of Katurem and establishes his so-called Thieves guild

1279 - Baden Erin  and Eliantha Shamass born in Shandrilos

1278 - Alinus Quan Sirona and a group of his followers flee the Empire and arrive in the Wildlands.  They are welcomed in Shandrilos and form a sixth section of the school of magic, focusing on holy clerical magic.  Sironacian Order of Monks founded.  Missionaries are sent south to recruit more to the Sironacian cause.

1275 - High Lord Angar of Ostia dies.  His son Elgon the Wise becomes High Lord

1267 - Act of Separation - School of Magic, due to expansion, creates five separate sections outside of the main school to focus on specific areas of magic (sorcery, wizardry, enchantment, Druidic magic and combat magic)

1263 - Act of Mastery - formalisation of the rules of the school of magic users in relation to levels of mastery.  The formal ranks of Adept, High Adept, Master and Grandmaster are created along with the development of initial trials and examinations for each.

1260 - Second Act of Governance - The council of magic users take control and responsibility for the administration and protection of all communities in the Shandri Valley with the agreement and support of Ostia

1255 - Act of Municipality - With the expansion of its size and population, Shandrilos is officially acknowledge as a city state

1253 - Angar, High Lord of Ostia, sends his son, Elgon to study at the school of magic with the Druids.

1246 - Atholl Dorard born in Shandrilos, grandson of Borric Dorrard, first leader of the community on Shand Island

1240 - Act of Governance - formal rules are established for the leadership and administration of the school of magic, the towns of Shandrilos and Port Shandri, and the smaller communities on the island of Shand.  The council of magic users overseas the governance of these towns and communities

1239 - Elgon, son of High Lord Angar of Ostia is born

1237 - Town of Port Shandri founded.  It is founded in the former main camp of the Ostian forces who blockaded the town.  It becomes the second town controlled by the council of magic users and the first territory off the island of Shand

1236 - Act of Foundation - First formal school of magic established by Melkor Erin in the Elder ruins on the island of Shand

1232 - Melkor Erin brokers a deal with the Druids and the Ostians to end the blockade and allow Shandrilos to survive.  He also gets the Druids to agree to them continuing to practise magic provided the Druids are allowed to supervise and have a presence on the island.

1228 - Shandrilos expansion draws the attention of the Druids from Ostia who convince the young High Lord of Ostia, Angar to attack the town.  Shandrilos fights back and holds off the Ostians with a combination of magical force and its location on an island.  Ostian forces set up a blockade of the island.

1225 - Alinus Quan Sirona is born in Carnacus in the Holy Alban Empire

1220 - Melkor Erin first meets the young dwarf, Storlin Swiftaxe and begins developing ties with the dwarven Swiftaxe clan

1215 - Town of Shandrilos established on the island of Shand as the magic users community expands and attracts river traders and artisans.  It is led by a council of magic users.

1210 - Bruenor Brae is born

1201 - Melkor Erin born in the small community of magic users on the island of Shand

1199 - After the persecution of 'ungodly' magic users by the Nordic Druids a group of magic users flee the Nordic provinces and set up a secret refuge on the island of Shand led by Boric Dorrard

1194 - Nordic Druids, responding to the rise of practitioners of dark ungodly magic and the influence of Albanite Clerics, begin a persecution of magic users in Tutonia and Calonia

1144 - Trade Wars end with the Accords of Alleyn.  The Olmecs agree to set up the merchant guilds in all cities to mediate trade and give a fair share to all and acknowledge each cities provincial territories.  The guilds of bankers and moneylenders, traders, ship captains and rivermen, entertainers and artists, scribes and scholars, craftsmen (tailors, carpenters, wheel wrights, brewers, tanners, smiths, farriers, jewellers, bakers, apothecaries, barbers, builders, butchers, etc.), mercenaries and guards, and hunters and trappers are established.

1137 - Lauria begins to exert its influence and seeks to control Hadek and Karodracia.  Torunsport and Kalizern oppose it.  Trade Wars begin.

1134 - The Nordic provinces acknowledge each other's land rights and establish rough boundaries to their territories and to those of the neighbouring Olmec provinces.  Ostia, Dunard, Arondar and Dunegan agree treaties with Lauria and Kalizern

1123 - The trade post of Hadek rises to prominence and takes control of the trade between the Wildlands and Kilimar

1111 - Death of Saint Karodra the Traveller

1095 - Traders under the leadership of Declan Di Torun, fleeing the religious wars in the empire, sail across the Great Lake and set up a free port on the shores of the Wildlands.  Fishing and trade allow Torunsport to grow quickly

1093 - Saint Karodra and his followers found a monastery in the Wildlands.  The town of Karodracia develops around it

1091 - Settlers from the Nordic lands and the Empire begin to migrate into the Wildlands to avoid the Wars of Succession and the later persecution of the Witch Hunters.

1075 - Battles amongst the Lairds of Arondar and Dunard force many to flee.  Ostia is settled by those fleeing the conflict

1034 - The town of Arondar is first settled by exiles from Tutonia who are shunned by the rulers of Dunard

992 - Cumbran and Tutonian settlers migrate east into the Wildlands.  The fort of Dunard is built

960 - Explorers from Calonia begin settling in the north west of the Wildlands.  The fort of Dunegan is built to defend the settlers against goblin attacks

951 - During the Second Varitian Wars, the Kilimarian General, Antonines Kalizern, mutinies and leads his army and its followers north from Kilimar into the Wildlands.  He sets up a permanent camp.  This will later become the city of Kalizern

923 - Founding of the settlement of Lauria by Olmec people fleeing the Varitian Wars of Independence