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Rebba Korran

Jon 'Bear' Madraig

Zara is the daughter of a lesser member of the Ostian nobility.  Her parents died when she was a child and she was raised by her brutal uncle who served as a captain in the High Lord of Ostia's guard.  She was educated at the court of the High Lord.  Here she excelled in physical contest and with blades of all kinds.  She became a master duellist and a cold killer.  She can be vicious and amoral, but also passionate and compelling.  She has devoted herself to a hedonistic lifestyle in a search for fulfilment.  In her time she has been a mercenary leader, gladiator, lady of the court, innkeeper, smuggler and even an assassin! 

Natalia 'Nat' Bero

Garon Vale

Zara Halven

Arkadi Talcost

Character Profiles

Garon Vale is a complicated man.  He is not known for his bravery, intelligence or skills.  He is now a monk of the Sironacian Order, but he never set out to be one.  Garon was the only son of the High Lord of Ostia's Master of Ceremonies.  When he was killed in an accident, Garon was devastated and he and his mother were left virtually destitute.  Garon was able to attend court to be educated by gift of the High Lord, but in his later teens he was prone to self pity and became a drunkard.  It was only through his friends help that he got by until he finally decided to study at the College of Magic.  It was here he discovered the teachings of Blessed Alba and became a monk.  He has since become a dedicated healer and even a fighter for the Order.

by Iain Hope

​​Darin is the son of a former mercenary chief who bought land and the title of Laird of Kenarth from the High Lord of Ostia.  Darin was educated at the court of the High Lord, but devoted himself to learning to master the sword.  He showed a rare talent and quickly became a swordsman of some ability.  He joined the Knights of Saint Karodra, a holy order, to gain the benefit of learning from their finest swordmasters rather than through any piety.  Darin is not even religious though he is a loyal and kindhearted man to his friend.  He is generally carefree and lighthearted.  He takes joy in everything he does especially testing himself in battle and flirting with the ladies he meets.

Red haired, green eyed and beautiful, Rebba Korran is a driud who dedicated her life to caring for the woodland community in which she now lives.  She grew up in Ostia, the daughter of a prominent trader.  Rebba generally attracts the eye but unlike Zara Halven she has never courted attention and instead desires a quiet life, helping others.  She is sensitive and has acute mystical senses which add to her talent with healing magics.  Rebba has never been ambitious or driven; she has generally got on with life in her quiet, devoted way.  There is steel to her though.  She has faced dangers with her friends, and though she would rather not, she can defend herself with both her magic and her staff.

Nat Bero is a tall, long limbed and rangy woman.  She is a skilled tracker, archer and scout.  She is the eldest daughter of the Lord of Ostia's Master of the Hunt.  From an early age, she followed her father everywhere and he taught her woodcraft and how to use a longbow with which she won many tourneys.  Nat has never been a warrior, but she has fought in skirmishes and against bandits, goblins and kobold.  She married her childhood friend and sweetheart, Karis Tor and had two daughters.  Eventually, they settled down to run a large inn outside of Ostia.  However, Nat has recently gone back to seeking a living as a tracker and hunter after Karis was killed in a fire that destroyed their inn.

Jon Madraig is the second son of the Laird of Madraig and is of Calonian highlander stock.  He is a giant of a man, standing well over six and half feet tall.  He gained the nickname 'Bear' partly from his great size, but also from his generally bear-like disposition.  He is a quiet man who dislikes violence but when angered is capable of nearly uncontrollable violence.  This added to his training as a warrior makes him a dangerous man.  However, Jon has always tried to avoid losing his temper as he also hates losing control and prizes intelligence highly.  Indeed, Jon is a fighter mage of some ability and is a highly knowledgable scholar of the ancient Elder; their culture, artefacts and language. ​

Sir Darin of Kenarth

Arkadi is a master mage and a rising star in the College of Magic.  He has great talent, is ambitious and has a sharp intellect.  He is naturally inquisitive and has an insatiable thirst to learn and improve, but is also fond of pranks and taunting others.  His quick wit can be both cutting and incisive.  Magic has been his life; his father and mother were both mages and served at the court of the High Lord of Ostia as his magical advisors, and his grandfather was one of the founding masters of the College in Shandrilos.  Despite his love of research, Arkadi is also brave, resourceful; he has faced his share of enemies while adventuring with his friends in the wilds of Darylor.