by Iain Hope

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Iain Hope

Author and Educator

Iain Hope was born in Lancashire in the UK in the early 1970's where he grew up and was educated.  His interests in science fiction and fantasy grew from his awe and wonder of Star Wars, his delight in comic superheroes and his childhood research into history and mythology.  He discovered his interest in reading novels while a young teenager after his grandmother gave him his first fantasy novel.

After several years voraciously reading every science fiction and fantasy novel he could get his hands on at the local library, second hand book shops and market stalls, he determined he would write... only to discover that earning a living was more pressing.

Many years later, after university, working in construction and then settling on a career as a teacher, he finally set out to write.  Dark Horde Rising is his first novel set in the world of Primus and is the first part of the Covenant Stones Epic...